The team

Nate Heckman - President

While his business card reads marketing and research, Nate is at heart a social scientist. "Mass market does not exist without mankind," said Heckman. Obvious, he agrees. "But in my line of business, it’s often ignored, with numbers taking the place of a nervous system." His belief in the de-evolution of market intelligence even extends to his agency's tagline, highlighting what his team does differently with their data: Tested on Humans™. Nate is known for his passion, candor, competitiveness and ardent objectivity. For him, it is personal, which is what clients appreciate most.

Beyond stints internally running corporate market intelligence efforts for global brands, Heckman also has worked in a consulting capacity with a myriad of product and service entities, including Braun, AT&T, Wells Fargo, Starbucks, and others.

Carol Borkowski - Client Services / Executive Interviewer

As an executive interviewer moderator, project manager, or strategist, Carol takes a hands-on and honest approach with all aspects of the marketing research process for client. Carol has over 15 years marketing and market intelligence experience, which includes evaluating consumer behavior, planning/implementing marketing strategies and executing the release of new consumer products and services.

Her market research experience entails managing and conducting qualitative and quantitative studies comprised of in-depth one-on-one interviews, focus groups and large scale consumer surveys. Carol’s research experience is diverse, including, to name only a few: banking, homebuilding, telecommunications, golf and pharmaceutical. Prior to becoming a market research consultant, Carol held a position as the marketing director for a major Southern California real estate developer and served on the Sales and Marketing Council for the Building Industry Association San Diego Council.

Julie Chavanu - Project Manager

Julie’s marketing experience spans 15 years, including work with companies such as Andersen Consulting, Sprint and Dex Media. Using her experiences as a business owner and entrepreneur, she supports companies in driving revenue, improving product adoption and optimizing sales and marketing resources.

She approaches project management, secondary marketing research, and report writing with a focus on creating a relevant and meaningful result for the client, saying, "I have the simple vision of helping clients make better decisions, decisions which lead to superior results."

Patt Johnson - Project Coordinator

Patt Johnson is glue, and the engine, and all that makes executing projects a reality at Stitch. As a former Desktop/Network Support Specialist for over 22 years, Patt has been exposed to all levels of support both technical and non technical. Patt has repeatedly received recognition over her career as a high performer in customer service and proactive problem-solving support. It's safe to say that we could not do what we do without Patt leading the project coordination efforts at Stitch.

Doris Payne-Camp - Executive Interviewer/Strategy

Doris is an experienced researcher and strategist specializing in qualitative market research - with an emphasis on real estate and with the “over 50” market, in particular. She has a robust track record for gaining keen insight in in-depth telephone and in-person interviews to attack key business objectives and marketing challenges.

Her professional experience includes 20 years as a non-profit executive in banking and real estate organizations. In another chapter of her varied career, she was a public relations director for public education entities. She is an advocate for the homeless and those experiencing domestic violence, and is a public policy wonk. Her latest volunteer efforts focus on a foundation that provides education and information for ExPats retiring (or considering retiring) in Mexico.

Dustin Towery - Design/Data Visualization

Dustin Towery leads data visualization efforts for Stitch, leveraging brand design experience and a savvy connection to the most important trends in marketing analytics. Dustin's design work spans a vast array of industries includes, form consumer products and restaurant experiential to healthcare and insurance and B-B. Dustin helps the Stitch team communicate seemingly complicated marketing metrics into intuitive business decisions.

Nina Rook, Ph.C. - Survey Design / Analytics

Nina’s application of her extensive repertory of research and analytical skills over the past 15 years has helped Fortune 500 companies identify and focus on the most meaningful market segments, telecommunications leaders improve customer satisfaction, counties prioritize parks and recreation investments, and emerging organizations develop powerful brands. Nina’s skills include business modeling and analysis of data using a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques.

Nina holds a B.S. in chemical engineering and an M.B.A. and Ph.C. from the University of Washington.

Joe Healey - Video Production