Stitch‘s unique proposition: a discovery process that evolves from the creation of new intelligence through new research. A differentiating factor: Stitch brings the human equation to the front and center of the marketing discipline.

We’re not just about numbers. We are about solutions grounded in objective intelligence gathering.

Humans First

We are not a market research agency, really. We are a group of human decision-making experts. Our methods for getting measurable data are simply tools for connecting those human decision-making processes to business and marketing challenges. We pride ourselves in keeping human thoughts, feelings, and influences at the heart of all of our strategy, methodologies and recommendations.

Partner Relationships

Stitch Marketing+Research is built on a foundation of strong partnerships with like-minded organizations. From advertising agencies and PR agencies, to industrial design groups, private equity groups and private marketing consultants. Stitch adds value and seamlessly joins the team.

Strategic Solutions

Stitch Marketing+Research does not deliver data sets and reports. Stitch delivers a fresh perspective, based on primary market input, and takes a clear position on the client challenge. We are not doing our job if we do not strategically advise our clients, adding our relevant experience and our assessment of all the variables to the client’s expertise in their category and on their own business.

Our experience executing research projects and applying learnings to business issues across such a diverse group of product and service categories makes our assessments and strategic advice that much more valuable.

Bridge to Creative

Strategic partner agencies and clients appreciate Stitch Marketing+Research for our understanding of the creative development and product development processes. We add the missing element of the reality in marketplace feedback and context, without losing sight of the reality that creative ideas and concepts often are not measurable or fully appreciated without a true market test.

Market research does not create – it informs the direction of the creative process.